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How Lymphatic Massage Can Help You Lose Weight

Lose Weight Using Lymphatic Massage

Did you know that lymphatic massage comes with many health benefits? One of the most useful includes weight loss. Your lymphatic system is responsible for the circulation of fluid throughout your body. That means it also is responsible for the detoxification process.

When your body is holding too many toxins and fluids, losing weight is more challenging. By getting some lymphatic massages, you can increase circulation, manage inflammation, and promote weight loss all in one go. Of course, it can take more than one session to see results.

Read on to know what benefits you can get from a lymphatic massage.

Helps With Joint Pain

Lymphatic massage can help you lose weight by reducing joint pain. There are likely times when you need to take an extra rest day from exercising because your joints and muscles are in pain. Or, if you have chronic pain, then exercising is likely impossible some days.

These massages help to reduce joint pain, making it easier to exercise again.

It Removes Toxins

Lymphatic massages encourage your system to deal with toxins more efficiently. The system releases toxins and waste from your body, which can otherwise contribute to weight gain. With fewer toxins present in your body, you will have an easier time with weight loss.

Improved Metabolism

The lymphatic system also helps to boost your metabolism. Your metabolic rate should be higher if you want to lose weight efficiently. Raising it helps you naturally burn more of the fat in your body, even when you are sitting down.

The connection between these two systems is likely through improved circulation. When you have a better circulation of fluids in the body, nutrients are transferred more efficiently through your body. Better circulation may also help your body burn more calories when not exercising.

A lymphatic massage helps to keep your metabolism high. If it were to slow down, you might start to gain weight again.

You Feel More Relaxed

Having a lymphatic massage is relaxing, helping you to reduce stress and anxiety. The stress hormone, known as cortisol, can cause weight gain in many people. Making routine trips to the Touch Free Spa is a healthy way to reduce your stress levels.

By taking time to experience a soothing massage using our lymphatic therapy machine, you also ensure your health improves over time. When you are stressed, losing weight is much more challenging- be sure to take some to relax!

Your Water Retention Drops

Your body can hold water in your feet, ankles, hands, and joints. The lymphatic system drains these areas of your body, so a massage can help reduce the fluids your body is holding. Water retention can make the number on the scale higher, so it’s essential to reduce water retention when you can. That way, you can receive more accurate results when you weigh yourself.

It Keeps Your Organs Healthy

A lymphatic drainage massage also helps to keep your liver and kidneys healthy. These organs manage toxins and help to keep the body free of wastes. These organs also promote weight loss when they are functioning at their best since they filter toxins efficiently.

They also receive boosts in circulation from the massage and assist in burning excess amounts of fat.

It Helps With Recovery

If you receive a physical injury while working out or playing a sport, it can take a long time to recover fully. In the meantime, your body might not be getting the exercise it needs. A lymphatic massage assists in building your recovery.

That way, you can get back to putting your best foot forward and losing weight. Having a faster recovery period also makes it easier to build muscles. Any athlete can benefit significantly from regular massages.

Why Choose the Touch Free Wellness Spa

There are several reasons to choose us for your lymphatic massage. Our massage technology focuses on removing free radicals, toxins, and other wastes from the body. Too many toxins can make it harder to lose weight, making it worth your time to try.

Our lymphatic compression massage assists in boosting this essential system. It helps you to remove excess fluids and utilize stored fat more efficiently naturally. Plus, the massage can even help to boost your immune system through the lymphatic system.

Additionally, many people love having massages but prefer to experience them on their own. The primary reason for this is that they feel awkward or embarrassed being touched by massage therapists who they do not know very well. At Touch Free Wellness Spa, we provide a safe and comfortable massage experience to our clients through cutting-edge technology to help them achieve their wellness goals.

Overall, there are many different reasons to visit us soon. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment!