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Summer Sports And The Benefits of Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy For Injured Athletes

Cryotherapy has been touted as a relatively effective pain management method for Olympic-level athletes and world-class performers, as they laud the benefits that it bestows on the body. Whole-body cryotherapy is the exposure of the body to a nitrogen vapor-filled sealed chamber for a very brief amount of time. The temperatures can reach -200F, and it triggers a unique and interesting reparative response in the body.

When exposed to ultra-cold temperatures, even for a few moments, it actually tricks the brain into thinking that the body is going to freeze, so it does a few things in response. First, it dumps endorphins into your body, which makes you feel amazing and can block out the pain sensation in many situations. It also triggers an immune system response, which helps sore muscles to recover quicker and feel better during recovery.

Summer is one of the ideal times of year to get whole-body cryotherapy since people tend to work much harder for much longer in the summer, leading to more fatigue, more pain, higher recovery and muscle repair load, and much more. So even though the day is long and you are able to get much more activity in, it may not necessarily do you much good if you can’t offer your body the right recovery.

Boosted Blood Flow & Circulation

Whole-body cryotherapy helps to enrich the blood with enhanced levels of oxygen. This in turn boosts the delivery of crucial nutrients and compounds throughout the body. Low blood oxygen levels have been repeatedly linked to an increased likelihood of illness as well as a measurably suppressed immune system.

For many in the sports world, particularly summer sports that require extensive physical exertion, this means better overall health and recovery. Runners and tennis players will see similar benefits of increased athletic response, strength, and agility. Boosted blood flow also provides enhanced stamina and endurance.

Perfect & Effective Add-On Rehab Treatment

Usually, there is extensive physiotherapy treatment after an athlete’s sports injuries. There is an increasing number of athletes, particularly in the pro sports sphere, that are turning to cryotherapy sauna treatment after a strenuous or injurious performance. Not many other non-narcotic methods can control pain as quickly and effectively as cryotherapy.

Since whole-body cryotherapy has virtually zero risks of any potentially serious side effects, it is quickly becoming a prime option for not only popular pro athletes but anyone that needs a post-athletic performance rehab treatment to help speed muscular recovery. This can be crucial for distance runners that require highly elevated levels of muscle repair.

Fast & Effective Pain Relief

The short-term exposure of your body to cryogenic therapy brings your skin temperature down to only a few degrees, while your core remains unchanged. This triggers a release of endorphins which have the same effect as painkillers when they hit your bloodstream.

This effect is called analgesia and has been one of the most widely appreciated benefits of whole-body cryotherapy since the 70s. Not only does it kill pain quickly and completely for a short period, but it also can help reduce inflammation and pain in joints following tennis, running, or even a long day on the links.

Fast Injury Recovery

Whole-body cryotherapy is a prime option for sports injury recovery since it has pain relief benefits and anti-inflammatory aspects. When cryotherapy is used in golf, running, or tennis it can result in the reduction of the time needed to recover from an injury by an average of 24-48 hours. That puts you back in the action sooner.

Boosted Concentration

A huge benefit for sports that require intense hand-eye coordination, such as golf or tennis, the improved concentration offered by whole-body cryotherapy treatments can help keep your cognition perfectly honed. Top-tier cognition means a perfect focus on your goals.

BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor, is tasked with protecting neuromuscular system components from degrading. By keeping these components repaired and functioning well, age-related muscle atrophy can be mitigated or even avoided.

This concentration carries over into your sports performance as well. Without boosted focus and concentration you’ll find you will miss more targets, fall short of more goals, and be seemingly stuck in a “brain fog”.

Improved Sleep Cycles & Reduction In Insomnia

Optimal sleep is an absolutely crucial component of muscle repair and your body’s recovery after serious physical exertion and hardcore athletic performance. Getting solid, restful sleep can also help modulate our insulin and blood sugar, reducing or eliminating the chances of developing diabetes.

Cryotherapy has many benefits especially to people who love to play golf, tennis or run. If you or a loved one is interested in trying cryotherapy, check out our cryotherapy services here.

Originally posted at Touch-Free Spa.