Why Spa Memberships Are Trending Up

The Trends of Spa Membership And Its Effect

Looking back on the previous year or so, it’s a pretty safe bet that we won’t experience another year like last year and the beginning of this one. Lockdowns, quarantines, election-year wackiness, some civil unrest, and the general malaise of the plague took their toll on most in-person, human interaction-based businesses. Among the hardest hit were the spa industry, one that depends on closeness and physical touch for many of the treatments.

But like many other businesses, spa memberships are trending up right now for a number of reasons. Not only is there greater general confidence in public health since most people are getting vaccinated as soon as available in their area, leading to a more relaxed feeling overall, but there have been many adaptations to the post-pandemic business landscape by a number of industries. Health spas are no exception to this, and many have already begun making adjustments and pivots. This will help them open sooner and service more customers overall.

Thanks to Social Media

social media and trends and effect

One of the main reasons that spas and similar businesses enjoy such success is word-of-mouth marketing, and there is no better word of mouth than social media. Using social media to keep members and brand loyalists engaged and in an anticipatory state for their next visit is a crucial way to ensure that as restrictions ease and things continue to open, guests are primed and ready for an experience.

Quarantines and lockdowns have contributed to a firm sense of isolation for many as they are forced to spend much more time than usual at home. Spas that are taking the time to ensure that guests and subscribers always have engaging content in their feeds has led to significant surges in business for them. Leveraging online workshops or masterclasses can help guide clear and cohesive content creation.

Membership Programs Driving Revenue

One reason spas are seeing more month-to-month traffic is building a membership program. For a monthly subscription fee a guest will get a free facial, for example, or a free half-hour touchless treatment, which not only drives a consistent monthly revenue but can also be expanded simply.

There is data that shows that some form of membership or subscription-based monthly model is the perfect way for the average, stressed out Joe to commit a small expense to some alone time that helps them feel better and improve their overall health. These programs can be expanded easily with additional treatment or upgrade options, as well as products to be taken home for personal use.

Low-Touch & Touchless Treatments Are Exploding

This year taught businesses to adapt, even if it was just entering the e-commerce space to maintain some form of income when things closed down, and if they didn’t learn that they probably aren’t doing too hot. Some spas have added an array of low-touch and no-touch wellness and spa treatments.

Some of these treatments include low-touch treatments such as guided meditation, floatation, cryotherapy, sauna, and even LED therapies. Recent polls indicate that nearly a third of all people surveyed were eager to try these services now as listed. This can translate to a very large surge in business when lockdowns or vaccines permit.

Immunity-Wellness Treatments Are Only Getting Hotter

One of the most sought-after categories of treatments currently is immunity-boosting treatments that are focused on general wellness and a holistic healing approach. This is both a rebound effect from the pandemic and people wanting to boost their immune response just in case, but also a general desire to have more overall healthy bodies.

This can mean not only obtaining the newest immunity-boosting treatments at your spa but also learning more about health and obtaining products to take home and use. This might be holistic and natural oils or creams, but infrared sauna treatments, vitamin D light treatments, and more.

Mask-Friendly Treatments

Since mask-wearing may continue or be required in some areas for some time, there is a push in many spas to develop mask-friendly treatments or treatments that occur “above the mask” like brow grooming, brow exfoliation, lash extensions, and even peels.

More Well-Rounded Health Approach

A large number of spas are incorporating mental wellness into their treatment packages or subscriptions. This can include treatments, workshops, exercises focused on centering and mindfulness, and even healthy nutrition and supplementation with nootropics. This reflects a larger shift in mindfulness and the general attitudes towards mental health. More people are more open about treatments that take care of their mental wellness.

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