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Cryo Therapy Membership

Cryotherapy Membership

Time is Running Out!! Just a few days left! A few spots left!

With this Cryotherapy Membership you are one of 250 Founding Members for our New Electric Cryotherapy Chamber starting December 10, 2022. We have sold 90% of memberships as of Dec 1, 2022. The remaining 10% will be accounted for within 5-7 days if not earlier. This membership is a ‘Family Membership’ so one person can come in all the time, or you can select a new family member to come in for any of the full body cryo sessions.

Look at all the memberships below and decide whether you want to come in 4 time a month or every day, whether you want just one family member in the chamber or two family members doing cryo at the same time ($19 per person!)

With this membership that starts on December 10 you will have opportunity for 4 full body cryotherapy treatments a month for $99 (just under $25/session). Pick the membership level you feel is best for your family or significant others.

If you decide ‘NOT’ to partake in this 6-month membership you are welcome to come in and do single cryo treatments (visit pricing page and select $60 single treatment) for an individual session. Our space will be limited for single treatments as monthly members will have priority booking.

Unfortunately, 250 members is where we max out with weekly appointments for the members. After membership is maxed out in this first week of December, registrants requesting membership will be on a six-month waitlist until new memberships are available. If there are no more spaces available, if you can’t register then please email to /call him at 443-788-1808 and let us know that you want to be on the waiting list.

Please see all six (6) membership options below so you can think about the membership you may have interest in. For now, your membership will star Dec 11th, 2022; when first $99 payment is collected. You are simply lacking in your spot of the 250 members and you will not make a payment until December 11.

Once your membership starts you can upgrade to a higher-level membership.

Click the ‘Purchase Cryotherapy Membership’ button below to become a Founding Member! Only a few spots left as of December 1, 2022.

It is highly desired to book for 6months of membership.

(You will be paying $10-$25 per full body cryotherapy treatment vs. out normal $69/session. You will receive 4 treatments per month for $99 (upgrading a membership available when we have our 2-person modern chamber established).

You get one treatment per week. Between the months of November and December your treatments/3-minute sessions will be moving to our new modern chamber located in the front of the wellness center) (It allows for the same results as our original back-room chamber (nitrogen).


The new electric chamber (cutting our energy costs) will be arriving soon, it is just more
modern with the same beneficial results.

When we have the electric chamber in place between November and December we will all you to upgade your membership to one of the following:



4 treatments for you

(stays the same as what you signed up for)


4 single treatments for you and a guest/family member



8 treatments month

about $21/treatment (occasional guest +$19/guest)


8 treatments for you and a guest/family member



Unlimited treatments per month (1 per day/ 31 max/month)


Unlimited treatments per month + 1 guest each session (1 per day/31 max/month)

You can upgrade your membership anytime after we install the double electric chamber., depending on availability of higher memberships.

These highly sought after memberships are limited to 250 people. After your initial 6 months you can cancel your membership with 30 days notice. Remember you will be billed $99 down now and $99 shortly over next two (2) days going toward you final month of cryotherapy membership.