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Platinum Membership

With this Membership you get up to four (4) full 45-50 minute treatments per month.
Cryotherapy (modern electric chamber) is an option for two (2) of your four (4) monthly treatments.
Some of the treatments available are: Infrared Sauna Pods, High-tech Massage Chairs, Air Compression Massage Sleeves (lymphatic), P.E.M.F. (pulsed electro-magnetic field), Red Light Therapy, Vibo-Acoustic Relaxation, NanoVi (active oxygen molecule intake). Go to our services page to watch videos and read about each treatment.
You Receive a 30% discount off any additional treatments (including modern electric cryotherapy but not nitrogen cryo) Any guest you bring with you will receive 25% off any treatment other than cryotherapy.
Memberships are for a six-month term and may be placed on hold one time for a 30 day period.

$156 /Per month