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We Are 100% Covid Free Compliant

This place is life changing! I was sold before my treatments began! The décor is beautiful. The owner, Michael, has purifying systems in place through the vents and spa to ensure that the air is clean. This is especially important in our current times.

Let’s begin! I did the whole body Cryotherapy at beginners level needless to say. Listening to music is a must so you focus on the music and not the freezing temperatures. I even felt my nostril hairs freezing! Three minutes is not that long but it is when you’re freezing your butt off! As I thawed off, my body literally felt 80% better than it did when I arrived. An amazing experience!

Off to the lymphatic compression massage. OMG! This machine squeezes your core then your legs in rotation. You can choose the type of pressure you want up to 200 lbs. Not here – only 100 because it is intense! While I laid there for 30 minutes, I had the NanoVi™ treatment which helps with cell repair.

The Ali Massage Chair was my final service. This is not the typical massage chair in the mall. I have a membership to a massage (of which name I won’t say); however, it will be cancelled. This chair is amazing! So many settings to choice from based on your areas, mood, and pressures.

A day later and I am still feeling the results! Not to mention, I had a good night sleep. With all that I am coping with emotionally, a good night sleep has been a rare occasion.

Thank you Michael and Mary! You both truly care about the health and wellness of your clients.

I signed up for a membership. If you are looking for a spa that doesn’t just pamper you but aids in your health, healing and recovery this place is a must!

Sierra M.