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My husband and I had the touch-free version of the couples massage, which is to say that one of us used the hydromassage table while the other used the zero gravity massage chair, and then we switched midway during the 50-minute session.  It was heavenly.  I truly liked them both, so just know that you can't go wrong either way.  I've had many professional massages at some of the best spas and this is a far more accessible, economical touch-free option.   My daughter and I used the infrared sauna pods.   I recommend trying it for 30 minutes for the first time, then increase to 40 minutes in a subsequent visit.  Because your head is outside of the pod, you can enjoy your music, drink water (kindly supplied by the spa) and even enjoy cool air from a fan if you choose.   The owner will give you a tour of the spa and explain the various treatments.  Not courageous enough to try cryotherapy just yet, but I'm sure it would be incredible for athletes and weekend warriors.

Deb Lee