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My first visit here ( first because there will be many more) was more than what I expected. The staff was very welcoming with a tour of the spa. During my visite I tried the Lymphatic Compression Massage, very relaxing. I was music to listen to with the lights deemed and a blanket for comfort, I would've went to sleep if my treatment went longer. With further research, after my next Lymphatic Compression massages I will do the Infrared Sauna Pod (which they have as well!) right after. I read that it helps to get rid of even more toxins. Before leaving I had a moment to experience the VIRBOacoutic Lounge chair, it was like a mini getaway. You listen to sounds while those sounds always vibrate through your body. The track I listened to started out like a night out at the club (not too loud and crazy) than waking up the next morning laying on the beach listening to waves and birds, and whats a getaway without one more night out, thats how the
track ended (there more to choose from). I left feeling very relaxed. Touch-Free Wellness Spa have gained a new member.

Shatterra Plummer