Blood Circulation

Does Cryotherapy help with Blood Circulation?

Cryotherapy promotes a significant decrease in blood flow by the narrowing of the blood vessels caused by cryotherapy, leads to an increase in blood flow back to the core of the body. This stimulates a process in the body known as the “baroreflex.” The baroreflex is responsible for maintaining our blood pressure.

Does the Infrared Sauna help with Blood Circulation?

The elevation in body temperature from a sweat in the Infrared Sauna Pod session produces an increase in blood flow that mirrors the benefits of a passive cardiovascular workout. It improves your blood flow to such an extent that it reduces the risk of thrombosis, varicose veins, and other vein disorders.

Does the Lymphatic Compression Massage help with blood circulation?

At its most basic, compressing the muscles helps with blood flow through the body more efficiently. Compression prevents blood from pooling in the body. It also helps to improve the blood flow to the heart.

Does the PEMF help with Blood Circulation?

As PEMF therapy mechanically stimulates blood vessels and blood flow, the blood vessels pump blood and oxygen into the cells.

Does Red Light Therapy help with blood circulation?

Red light therapy increases blood flow, indicating that issues are receiving more oxygen and other nutrients that are important for healing.

Does Sound Vibration help with blood circulation?

The pulsating acoustic waves widen blood vessels which increases blood flow.

Does Hydromassage help with blood circulation?

Studies show that the warm water in the hydromassage chair promotes blood circulation in the muscles.

Is NanoVi good for your Blood Circulation?

NanoVi’s structured water molecule treatment (also known as exclusion zone water/ EZ water can provide additional benefits when paired with Lymphatic massage, infrared saunas, red light therapy or PEMF therapy.