Prevent Cancer with Whole Body Cryotherapy

Researchers and physicians have long debated the relationship
between inflammation and cancer. Recent studies are now emerging with evidence
suggesting that anti-inflammatory treatments (specifically an aspirin regimen) can
protect humans from certain cancers. As is the case with other anti-inflammatory
pharmaceuticals aspirin is not without negative side effects. If only there were a drug-

free anti-inflammatory alternative that might work in the same way as aspirin, but
without the negative side effects. Cryotherapy is a treatment that can help with cancer.
Obviously, the best treatment for cancer is to prevent it. According to there
are many causes of cancer:

1. Age 
2. Alcohol 
3. Cancer Causing Substances 
4. Chronic Inflammation 
5. Diet 
6. Hormones 
7. Immunosuppression 
8. Infectious Agents 
9. Obesity 
10. Radiation

Some of these risks are involuntary (i.e. age, immunosuppression, hormones etc). But
many of these risk factors are avoidable and doing so mitigates cancer risk. As an
example, not smoking, not drinking excessively and not being obese lowers your risk
significantly for developing nearly all cancers.
For the purpose of this blog, we will discuss how lowering chronic inflammation (and
obesity) through the use of whole body cryotherapy can not only lower the risk of
developing cancer…but in the event of cancer, it can reduce the likelihood of cancer
spreading to other parts of the body.
Chronic inflammation has been linked to the initiation, perpetuation and metastases of
cancer. Here is how it works.
In the case of developing cancer, inflammation can facilitate DNA mutation that creates
cancerous cells. Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS and RNS) which are
abundant during inflammation can induce gene mutations, leading to cancer formation.
Inflammation of the tissue surrounding a tumor can hasten the oncogenic process by
directly promoting genetic instability and favoring or inducing gene mutations.
How can whole body cryotherapy help?

1. WBC reduces chronic inflammation throughout the body including
in all organs (lungs, brain, liver, GI tract etc), breasts, muscles and tissue.
Since chronic inflammation is implicated in the initiation of cancer,
lowering it will reduce risk for developing the disease. (2)

2. As discussed above, by relieving chronic inflammation, WBC may
inhibit the progression of cancer. (1)

3. Reducing acute and chronic inflammation instigated by cancer
tumor expansion, WBC can potentially reduce the likelihood of cancer
metastasizing into other parts of the body. Inflammation is linked to the
vascularization of malignant tumors, development of the tumor “stroma”
and to encouraging the proliferation of the disease.

4. WBC can contribute to significant weight loss which can lower
chronic inflammation linked to obesity.

5. WBC has been shown to increase immunity by increasing white
blood cells counts. (3)

6. WBC has emotional/mental benefits which can inspire positive
lifestyle changes (i.e. quitting smoking, alcohol, starting exercise etc).

If cancer does occur, whole body cryotherapy can alleviate traditional treatment side
effects (from radiation and/or chemotherapy). Whole body cryotherapy can increase
energy levels (both mental and physical), reduce skin effects, increase immunity and
enhance the cancer-killing effects of traditional cancer treatments.

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