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Does the Infrared Sauna Pod help with diabetes?

Infrared sauna is associated with improved quality of life in people with type II diabetes. They may also have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health in those with type 2 diabetes.

Does Hydromassage help with diabetes?

Hydromassage may be promising for people with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It helps to reduce many of the effects of diabetes including reducing blood sugar, blood pressure, and body weight while improving blood circulation.

Does PEMF help with diabetes?

PEMF therapy can be a great non-invasive form of physical therapy. It can help improve the underlying symptoms and complications of diabetes such as poor circulation, wound healing, and arthritis.

Does Red Light Therapy help with diabetes?

Red light therapy can be used successfully to treat the complications associated with diabetes, the red light will offer more systemic relief and healing.

Is NanoVi good for your Diabetes?

NanoVi’s structured water molecule treatment (also known as exclusion zone water/ EZ water can provide additional benefits when paired with infrared saunas, red light therapy or PEMF therapy.