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High Blood Pressure / Hypertension

Do Infrared Sauna Pods help with High Blood Pressure?

There have been several studies that have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems. These include improvement of cardiac health such as decreasing high blood pressure and managing Chronic health failure easing pain of diseases, by reducing muscle soreness and improving joint movement, and reducing levels of stress by supposedly promoting relaxation and improving feelings of well-being through improved circulation.

How does cryotherapy help with high blood pressure?

Whole body cryotherapy has been shown to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) and anxiety; Whole body cryotherapy improves sleep and relieves insomnia; The vasoconstriction/vasodilation sequence initiated by whole body cryotherapy can expand constricted arteries, lowering cardiac workload and high blood pressure.

Does PEMF help with High Blood Pressure?

Studies have seen significant reductions in systolic and pulse blood pressure.

Does Sound Vibration help with High Blood Pressure?

Sound vibration balances brain signals to reduce blood pressure.

Does Hydromassage help with High Blood Pressure?

Hydrotherapy has been proven to boost cardiovascular function in addition to decreasing blood pressure. There are factors that contribute to hypertension such as stress, so with hydrotherapy, the water jets create a calming effect on the client, helping them to relax.

Is NanoVi good for lowering your High Blood Pressure?

NanoVi’s structured water molecule treatment (also known as exclusion zone water/ EZ water can provide additional benefits when paired with infrared saunas or PEMF therapy.