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Body Transformation Program

Try our Body Transformation program, where in as little as 30 days you can shed some serious pounds and look and feel your best. Our proven system includes the following:

  • • Consultation with our fitness nutrition specialist

  • • check-ins and weigh-ins with your coach to keep you on track

  • • All natural, homeopathic supplements to speed up your weight loss

  • • 3X / week Whole Body Vibration workouts at Touch-Free Wellness Spa

  • • Body composition analysis reports to visually see your weight loss progress

  • • 3X / week Lymphatic Compression Message & Infrared Sauna Pod Treatments

Transformation Program Overview

1. Diet

2. Exercise

3. Detox

4. Relaxation

Fitness Nutrition Specialist Consultation

(60 Minutes)

• Fully review diet protocol and plan success

• Schedule weekly check-ins together at Touch-Free Wellness Spa

Rapid Body Transformation Program

(23 days or 41 days)

• One-on-one support for maximum results

• All-natural, homeopathic supplement regimen

• Follow-up Maintenance Program to keep the weight off