About us

Our Mission

Touch Free Wellness Spa is your holistic home mind/body self-care and personalized transformation in a safe/healthy environment. By focusing on Self Care – i.e. Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Relaxation, and Detoxification, we’ve set out to awaken each client’s limitless potential by elevating their awareness and perspective of what “whole health” really means.

Touch Free Wellness is a holistic wellness spa utilizing cutting-edge technology such as Technological Whole Body Massage Chairs(no human practitioners) Infrared SaunaPods (red light therapy), Lymphatic Compression Massage, Whole Body Vibration (muscle tone technology), We’ve redefined detox and weight loss paradigms with our renowned Transformation Weight Loss Program, featuring all-natural, homeopathic supplements, Touch-Free specialized detox + slimming regimen, and customized one-on-one support. Our coaches help you uncover the root problem of why you’re holding onto excess weight, setting you free so you can keep the weight off for good. But don’t be fooled! Our primary focus is to create a place where you can relax and enjoy the best up-to-date spa treatments. Slimming down is a bonus but we want you to, first and foremost, feel like you are on vacation for your visit to our sanctuary of serenity!

Our transcendental programs pay mind, body, and spirit to your diet, energy alignment, and awareness… giving you tools from both Eastern and Western holistic and scientific practices. Allow us to be your guide in the exciting opportunity to uncover the real you!

Everyone cares for themselves to a certain extent. Some just care for their health more than others do. We want a community of human beings that care for themselves and others!

Michael Dent

Founder and CEO

Founder Michael Dent has been an advocate of alternative/preventative health products and concepts throughout the last 20 years of his professional career. From 2014-2019 Michael started a kid’s yoga company which sent yoga teachers into 150 schools, over 14,000 children in the Baltimore area. Michael educated parents and teachers on creating ‘Mindfulness’ in the classroom, a social, spiritual and emotional transformation which opened a healthy way of being.

Michael was inspired to open up a proven concept here in the USA and all over the world and has turned his efforts into one of healthful purpose. He decided to offer the Maryland community holistic options for managing their mind, body, and spirit through modern technologies that one can enjoy in a private setting, the Touch Free Wellness Spa.

Touch Free Wellness Spa utilizes the latest technologies that has been around for years in Europe and Asia. This includes full body Cryo Therapy, Near Infrared Red light therapy, Lymphatic Compression Massage, Hydro-Massage Chairs/Anti-Gravity Massage Chairs, Body Transformation Programs and Whole Body Vibro-Acoustic Treatments. These options help clients manage stress, weight control, relaxation, anti-aging and so much more. Touch Free Wellness Spa offers one-on-one support via in-house coaches that personalize the customer experience, focusing on their specific needs and goals.