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How Lymphatic Massage Helps You Recover Fast From a Cosmetic Surgery

Recover Fast From a Cosmetic Surgery with Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage

The lymphatic system is responsible for cleaning your body of toxins. When it isn’t functioning at its best, you experience swelling and aches in the body. You also can feel tired more often than you might like.

If you need to improve your lymphatic system, you should try a lymphatic massage. This massage offers plenty of recovery benefits, which are great to make use of after cosmetic surgery. At the Touch Free Wellness Spa, we provide the best lymphatic massages in the area.

Keep reading if you have cosmetic surgery soon. We can provide all the tools you need to recover. The following is what you need to know.

What is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

First, you will want to understand what a drainage massage is, so you can learn how it benefits you after surgery. The lymphatic drainage massage treats the collection of fluid in the body by increasing the efficiency of your lymphatic system.

Many people can benefit from improving their lymphatic system. Doing so will boost your metabolism, circulation, and recovery periods. The massages help the lymphatic system to remove waste, toxins, excess water, and even foreign substances.

The benefits are wonderful for post-surgery as well. When your lymphatic system is functioning perfectly, the body’s natural healing processes are also boosted. Plus, if you are worried about scars from the surgery, the massage can assist in reducing the severity of these marks.

How It Helps Improve Recovery

The lymphatic massage helps to improve your recovery time in several different ways. Your body receives enhanced abilities including:

-Better tissue regeneration

-Better fluid draining

-Reducing toxins and waste in the body

-Building a healthier immune system

When your body is recovering from a surgery, your lymphatic system may slow down. However, our lymphatic massages will boost it back up, helping you to recover more efficiently. That is the main reason it is so beneficial after cosmetic surgery.

Why You Need a Lymphatic Massage After Cosmetic Surgery

All surgeries cause swelling within the body as it works to heal. The drainage massage works to reduce the amount of swelling you experience, as well as the recovery time. Lymphs can travel into surrounding areas after surgery too, making you uncomfortable.

You want to focus on healing after surgery. A massage can be just what you need to reduce stress and improve how the recovery period goes for you. Plus, it can greatly reduce or even eliminate scarring.

The drainage massage causes the lymph to bind together better, which assists in several different lymph functions. When you improve the system, you allow the lymph to manage fluids easier- leading to better healing and reduced scar tissues.

The process also reduces swelling around the surgery site, lowering the chances of long-lasting scars forming. Overall, there are plenty of reasons that you may want to have a drainage massage after your surgery.

Signs Your Lymphatic System is Not Healthy

Be sure to watch for these signs as you recover. It could be a sign that your lymphatic system is not healthy and you may require additional massages to receive improved healing.

-Changes in skin color

-Blisters appearing


-Leaking fluids


-Issues breathing and swallowing

The signs will usually appear right after surgery, which is why you want frequent massages right after. However, signs may return as you recover for up to a few years after your post-op.

Why You Need Touch Free Massage

After surgery, you may still be sore. That is why a touch-free massage may be the better option for you. At Touch Free Wellness Spa, we have plenty of machines and use advanced technology to provide all of our massages.

We offer a lymphatic compression massage that provides you with several benefits. It allows your body to manage toxins and restores your immune system cells. The system should also help you to deal with pain or cramps from the surgery.

Plastic Surgeons Recommend Getting Lymphatic Massages

Most plastic surgeons agree that having lymphatic massages after cosmetic surgery can help to improve your recovery. The amount of massages you need over time reduces as you heal.

For instance, surgeons recommend that you have a session each day for the first week of your post-op. Then, every other day the next week. After that, you can have one massage each month to help maintain your elevated lymphatic system.

It helps to continue routine massages for five to six months after your surgery if you want to receive the best possible results from the drainage massages.