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Does Cryotherapy help with arthritis?

Cryotherapy is a highly effective treatment for muscle and joint pain. This makes it the perfect remedy for people suffering from arthritis. Rather than targeting one joint at a time, it offers whole-body relief.

Does the Infrared Sauna Pod help with arthritis?

Studies shown that infrared sauna helps patients with rheumatoid arthritis feel less fatigue, pain, and stiffness.

Does the Hydromassage help with arthritis?

The warm bath water combined with the gentle massaging motion of jets delivers a relaxing experience that may ease tension in sore joints and improve range of motion. Throughout the years, many studies have revealed how hydrotherapy may help manage inflammatory conditions, including arthritis.

Does Lymphatic Compression Massage help with arthritis?

Compressions sleeves may lessen the symptoms of arthritis by applying mild pressure to affected joints which can help with inflammation and swelling.

Does PEMF help with arthritis?

Low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) can provide noninvasive, safe and easy to apply method to treat pain, inflammation and dysfunctions associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) and PEMF has a long-term record of safety.

Does Red Light Therapy help with arthritis?

Light energy penetrates painlessly through multiple layers of skin to reach muscles and nerves. Body cells absorb the energy and become more active, and blood flow to the area increases to further support cell regrowth and regeneration. This combination of cell activity and circulation works to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis (as well as other injuries).

Does Sound Vibration help with arthritis?

Vibration therapy has been shown to boost the production of bone cells. This can help people with rheumatoid arthritis maintain a higher bone density. It can also help reduce the symptoms of low bone density. Vibration also helps with decreasing pain and improving joint functions.

Can the Hydromassage Chair help with arthritis?

Hydrotherapy helps with managing inflammatory conditions including arthritis through the power of warm water combined with gentle massaging motion of jets to deliver a relaxing experience, easing tension in sore joint and improve range of motion.

Is NanoVi good for Arthritis?

NanoVi’s structured water molecule treatment (also known as exclusion zone water/ EZ water can provide additional benefits when paired with Lymphatic massage, infrared saunas, red light therapy or PEMF therapy.