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Is cryotherapy good for after surgery?

Completing a cycle of Cryotherapy sessions can have multiple benefits in accelerating
the body's natural healing process and ease pain and bruising following surgery and
injury. Cryotherapy may reduce swelling and promote an anti-inflammatory function in
the body's healing blueprint.

Is lymphatic massage good after surgery?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is frequently recommended by plastic surgeons during
the recovery phase following cosmetic procedures. It helps to decrease recovery time
and improve results, by reducing post-surgical swelling and fibrosis (scar tissue

What about Infrared Saunas after surgery?

While sweating inside a far infrared sauna we assist our body’s ability to expunge toxins
the like of mercury, lead and additional contaminants which have been building in our
systems for years. This is all necessary when healing various skin anomalies, acne,
psoriasis, wounds. Additionally, when using far infrared heat there are some wonderful
benefits; heart, lung, kidney, and other organs functions are improved.

Is Red light therapy good for after surgery?

Less pain and inflammation after surgery: Red light therapy treatments have been
shown to reduce swelling and inflammation after surgeries, and enhance the post-op
healing process. Patients have also been shown to heal faster from plastic surgery, with
less pain and inflammation.

Is Sound Vibration good for after surgery?

Sound is being used more and more to help restore tissues to a healthy state of being
by resonating the frequency of healthy tissues.

Is NanoVi good for after surgery?

This technology produces the same biological signal your body makes to repair cell
damage brought on by free radicals. It is great for recovery so you can perform at a
high-level, without the general fatigue that comes.

Is PEMF good for after surgery?

PEMF treatment after surgery can decrease postsurgical pain and analgesic use.