Thyroid Issues

Does Cryotherapy help with Thyroid Issues?

Cryotherapy is an excellent method for relieving the symptoms of hypothyroidism and for potentially improving thyroid function.

Does the Infrared Sauna Pod help with Thyroid Issues?


Infrared saunas offer warmth that boost metabolism; you can burn as much as 600 calories in one session! For those with hypothyroidism, this offers a chance to get metabolism going and shed bloating.

Does Hydromassage help with Thyroid Issues?

Hydromassage helps the lymph system and stimulates blood flow, which is beneficial for thyroid function.

Does Lymphatic Compression Massage help with Thyroid Issues?

Lymphatic Massages help release biochemical waste from body tissues and decreases your sympathetic nervous system’s “fight or flight” response.

Does PEMF help with Thyroid Issues?

The cells and tissues, just as all others, tend to respond very well to PEMF. This treatment is very effective in reducing the severity of the symptoms of thyroid disease.

Does Red Light Therapy help with Thyroid Issues?

With red light therapy we can gently assist the body by causing a detoxing effect that can assist the constant movement that needs to take place in your lymphatic system.

Does Sound Vibration help with Thyroid Issues?

Sound Vibrations and breath therapy help Thyroid Health.

Is NanoVi good for Thyroid Issues?

NanoVi’s structured water molecule treatment (also known as exclusion zone water/ EZ water can provide additional benefits when paired with Lymphatic massage, infrared saunas, red light therapy or PEMF therapy.