Weight Loss-Body tune

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, Women lose 1/2 a pound a day, and Men lose 1 pound a day. At least 90% of our clients have found success with this program if they follow it properly.

We personalize the program to fit your needs. You will need to call to inquire about pricing for your wants and needs out of our Transformation program.

Homeopathic weight loss drops, as well as 40 Session (which includes):
-12 Vibration Machine workouts for toning and firming
-12 Lymphatic Compression Massage treatments for detoxing
-12 Infrared Sauna Treatments for detoxing, relaxation, and reducing stress.
-4 Body Composition analysis
With this comprehensive program you don't just lose weight, you also reduce your stress, detox your body on a cellular level, learn how to eat right, and tone your body. All of this combined makes for a successful weight loss journey.

You can come in twice a week for 6 weeks. We personalize the program for you at the consultation meeting.

60-90 minutes.

The natural homeopathic version does not have side effects. It's a very gentle weight loss program.